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Everyone hates mosquitoes.

Their bites are annoying and they ruin outdoor family fun.

What's worse are the repellents that are currently on the market. Lotions and sprays are messy and leave you feeling gross and sticky; not to mention all the harsh and toxic chemicals such as DEET. We deserve something better. Something natural, something non-toxic that can effectively repel mosquitoes.
"I used these bands on my trip to Eastern Africa and I would say that they worked very well. After doing some research on I believe the efficacy of this product lies in the active ingredient of geraniol oil. Several studies seem to show its effectiveness at keeping away mosquitos."

– Prince

"These were a life saver. I wanted some repellant that would be easy to carry on my trip to Thailand and Laos and wouldn't agitate my asthma like sprays usually do. I purchased these and they were excellent."

– G